Dog Grooming

Full Groom

  • Includes clipping/ scissoring to style. All breeds with appropriate coat.
  • 2 x professional shampoo in hydrobath Conditioning treatment
  • Eyes, Ears, and Anal Glands checked and cleaned Overall health check
  • High Velocity dry with spray treatment
  • Fluff dry to style
  • Scissor/Clip to breed style or owner’s preference Free Nail trim
  • Priced from $70 for small dog

De-shed treatment Medium to large double-coated breeds

  • Shampoo with professional de-shedding shampoo
  • With shampoo still in coat, high velocity dryer isu sed to blow out dead coat and loose dander
  • The shampoo / blowout steps are repeated at least twice
  • Conditioning treatment using a professional de-shed product
  • Eyes and Ears checked and cleaned
  • Overall health check
  • Professional de-shed spray treatment, then high velocity dryer is used with other tools to remove masses of coat.
  • Free nail trim
  • Priced from $75 per hour

Full Groom Double coat Small to medium breeds

As for Full Groom (1. above) but instead of scissor or clip, which is not appropriate for double coated breeds, your dog will receive a thorough removal of undercoat, some trimming of furnishings,face and feet if needed, and a final presentation with coat healthy and shiny.

Priced from $70 - 80

Delux Doggie Day Spa Pamper Package

When your dog deserves the ultimate pampering treatment!

  • Warm hydrobath spa
  • 2 x Shampoo treatment using a selected premium shampoo from the Melanie Newman range
  • Aromatherapy relaxation treatment shampoo
  • Deep Conditioning skin treatment and massage
  • Blueberry facial fo rmuzzle and jaw area
  • Blowdry / style and trimming appropriate to breed
  • Pawdicure
  • Paw butter massage
  • Nail clip and cuticle treatment
  • Dremel finishing file
  • Nail Polish (optional)
  • Take home products to continue the pampering Coffee and Cake Voucher for the owner!
  • Priced from $150

Asian Fusion Styling

Available with the Full Groom or Pamper Package, we can style your dog into the cute “Teddy Bear” look that is Asian Fusion. Not suitable for all coat types. Involves extensive styling and hand scissoring, so price will be given after consultation with one of our Groomers.

Terrier Coat Hand stripped

Available in conjunction with a Full Groom, hand stripping requires regular visits to maintain. Please discuss your requirements with our Groomers.

Creative Grooming

We love having fun and being creative! Whether it is for a special occasion or just because, discuss your ideas with one of our Groomers and we will make it happen! Or just leave it to us to create something special! Dogs love to be the centre of attention!


  • Paw soak and cleansing treatment
  • Paw butter foot massage
  • Nail clip and Dremel to smooth
  • Cuticle massage
  • Nail Polish (Optional)
  • Price $30

Deep Mudpack skin cleansing treatment

  • Can be added to any grooming treatment for an additional $20

Nail Trims

  • $5.00 no appointment necessary

Wash and dry, Short hair.

  • Priced from $40 small dog.